Feedback Sound Company Pricing

SOUND: Typical CLUB band
Mains - (2) Subs w/Full range top cabinets
(4) floor monitors (4 seperate mixes)
Mixing console
(4) boom mic stands
Vocal mics
Drum mics
all cables and cords
Someone to push the faders

$150.00 Cash
Check-advanced approval only
(2) 12' Front stands w/tee
(1) 12' rear truss w/stands
Assorted lights (see equiptment page)
All cables and cords
Fog machine (by request)

$100.00 (without sound)
$75.00 (with sound package)
Price subject with change with required equipment and setup time.
References available on request (see Bands and Clubs)
When I am not doing my own thing, you can find me at
FOH or monitor engineer with Acoustic Art Creations, Corp

"Stupid gigs should be compensated with stupid money, and all gigs are stupid." -Baker Lee Editor FOH Magazine



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