Feedback Sound ROCKprompter

Hidden in a wedge style audio floor monitor type case, the FBRP001 ROCKprompter is virtually undetectable by the audience. It gives the user and fellow performers a confidence boost by displaying whatever the user wants to see. This could be chords, lyrics, song list or whatever is required. It is typically used by a musician, singer, presenter, minister, performer, speakers or choir.

Using a 24" color LED flat screen, in portrait orientation, the ROCKprompter is built of 1/2" birch plywood to stand up to the knocks of live performance. This model is designed to be compact and highly portable. It features a recessed screen and an optional 1/4" plexiglass cover (not shown) to protect it from scratches and the ever popular flying jager shotglass.

All you need is a laptop with Microsoft Powerpoint installed, the ability create a slideshow with your display needs and a Presentation mouse (or a wireless mouse) for advancing slides.
Soundz and More
24" computer monitor discreetly installed in a wedge style cabinet...
You supply the laptop, a Presentation mouse and your good to go!
It comes sprayed with Duratex, the industry standard for tough speaker coating

Rental fee $50.00 for 24 hours (laptop and mouse not included)
(Rental requires $200.00 deposit)
Out the door purchase price...CALL FOR PRICING

These are built to order
Please allow 4 weeks for delivery
Price subject with change with required equipment and availability
When I am not doing my own thing, you can find me at
FOH or monitor engineer with Acoustic Art Creations, Corp